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Tomorrow is the celebration of the Long Night in the small town of Westhill . Portly Father Bolo, brewer and priest of Alentara (the goddess of Life) is uncommonly busy with his final preparations of this year’s brew. Starting tomorrow afternoon the people will begin to sequester in small groups in their homes discussing what they are thankful for from the past year. The tradition is to stay up all night in quiet contemplation. Then at first light the celebration begins a day of excitement and jubilation. As a friend of Father Bolo you have been invited to the temple to join him in the vigil.
This year is special because there are a few visitors in town. You have heard that Ole Orybar the cantankerous gnome miner is here with his equally stubborn and sometimes bitey donkey Trusty Wagon Puller. The locals are also discussing the strange Wagon that is at the tavern, the size of a house on wheels! Not to mention you all, are you new to Westhill? Did you travel south through the Barbarian lands from the Kingdom of Keramose where the Ageless King rules with an Iron Grasp? Or perhaps East From the Free Kingdoms of Leverask where the Council Rules? Have you traveled from the Far South the Mage lands of the Kashintar? Or have you lived in this small town your whole life?
What could possibly go wrong in this quiet town? What secrets do you harbor that could haunt you even here? Will you face a Vampire Lord who is at war with his nature? Perhaps you will find the truth behind the what ended the War of Zan? Will you become embroiled in the politics of the Magocracy of Kashintar? Who knows…but it all starts tomorrow.

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