Abradeen, The Church of Enlightenment

The god of enlightenment is connected to all the other religions because of it’s tie with some many other spheres. He is the sum of all past present and future ideas. The religion focuses on recording information and learning. It teaches that knowledge is neither good nor evil but can be used for either. In it’s purest form if all creatures were to have it’s awareness raised it would change into a more perfect being.

It is said that the god is omniscient and the priests all aspire to come as close to that state as possible. Many focus on the spheres of divination.

Domains: The major sphere for the god is knowledge/information but it has been coupled with a variety of other spheres depending on the order/sect of the religion.

History: The Church has been a pillar in the Kingdom of Keramos. It’s main temple is in the city of Leverask, known as the Great Library. One of the king’s closest advisors is a priest. The church has its members spread through out every major city on the continent.

Tenants of the Church
Priests of the church should always strive to learn and protect what they have learned.
Knowledge is power and power needs structure.
The desire of knowledge, like the thirst for riches, increases ever with the acquisition of it.
If you have knowledge, let others light their candles with it..


Members: Members of the church come from all walks of life. Most priests are considered “mundane” that is that they have not been blessed with magic’s. The ability to cast magic’s does not dictate one’s place with in the church. Seniority with in the church is based on promotion from superiors. In the city of Leverask (where most of the game has taken place so far) there is the center of the church in the form of the Great Library. Here the church is most frequently referred to as the Order of Divine Knowledge. The library houses about 20 priests and only 3 or 4 of them can use magic’s.



The holy symbol for the religion is an open golden book. Most priests wear one on a golden chain. Few priests actually have a gold holy symbol. Normally they are polished brass.

Chosen Weapon
The chosen Weapon for Abradeen is the dagger.

Holy Places

The Great Library:

The Grounds:
It is more of a keep then a library. It has 4 towers, one major tower that holds the vast books and documents. The other three towers surround the middle main tower and act as dormitories. These structures are surrounded by a 20 foot wall that comes together in a large building that acts as the ‘temple’. Non-members are only allowed in the temple not in the library or dormitory. The place is well guarded by men at arms and stoutly built. Depending on how established you are with in the church you may or may not be allowed in certain areas.

Simply Map of the Great Library:
A: The main Temple: This area is where the public come. It consists of a worship area and small offices where petitioners can ask for information and meet with priests. The building is two stories tall.
B: The Main Tower: This is the main library. It stands about 4 stories tall and consists of the sum of the temple’s knowledge and the knowledge and history of the civilized races. There are sections of the tower that only the most highest ranking members of the church may go.
C: The dormitories and housing for the temple. The three towers consist of the living spaces of the priest and other staff members of the temple.
D: Temple gardens:Trees and bushes, paths and fountains.


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