Three, The Church Of
Three is a warrior god. Three is also the official god of Keramose. In the elvin lands the god is known as Tyn-Ray.
The main temple is in Keramose.
The 10th day – Every 10th day is a day of rest to celebrate the battle of Three Vs. Dana story of the battle, Three and Dana battled for 9days before Three defeated him, on the 10th day

First Day of the Month – Day of Anointing -

Day of Long Fire – Summer Equinox – The longest day of the year is one of the churches main holidays.

15th day of the 3rd Month – Divinity of Three – This is the day dedicated to the divinity of Three. When Three was recognized as a god.

The last day of the 6th Month – Day of Blades – This is the day that priests are named and given their swords.

The last day of the 3rd Month – Day of Smithing – The ceremony over the forges that will be used to craft the new swords for the new priests of the order.
Three’s Holy symbol is an opened hand.

Other symbols in the religion are:
Oil – Strength
Water – Healing
Fire- Purification
Chosen Weapon
Three’s chosen weapon is the long sword


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